Airbag control module location

Airbag control module location

We reset all fault codes, which means that after you receive your repaired module from us you will not have to take it to the dealership for additional programming. All airbag control modules can be reset and reprogrammed, except modules that were damaged by a flood, fire, or some other kind of damage that impacted the hardware.

Airbag control modules store hard and soft codes caused by accidents. Even after small accidents, fault codes will be stored in the module which will turn on the airbag light. We reset and clear all crash codes inside the computer module which will turn off the airbag light.

One of the biggest benefits of letting MyAirbags repair your airbag module is that you will not need to have the module coded to your vehicle VIN since it is original and came out of your vehicle. This will save you time and money!

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The SRS airbag control module must be reset if your vehicle was in an accident and the airbag light is on. If the light is on but your vehicle was not in an accident, there are a variety of reasons why this may have happened. The highly skilled technicians at MyAirbags will be able to perform a thorough examination in order to find the problem and repair it.

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MyAirbags is committed to helping you reset your airbag module and seat belts. We provide a reset and return service to reset airbag control modules.

airbag control module location

This service requires you to remove and send your module to us for reset. When we receive your airbag module, we reset ALL fault codes.

After we return it, you will not have to take it to the dealer for programming. If your vehicle was in an accident, we recommend that you send your original module to us for reset. This will save you hundreds of dollars and will help you avoid an unnecessary trip to the dealer for re-coding.

If your vehicle has NOT been involved in an accident, but the airbag light is on, please read this article. If the airbag light in your vehicle randomly turned on, there may be an issue with the airbag system computer. There may also be connection issues between components or faulty components within the airbag system, including faulty:. In order to fix this problem, one or more of these faulty components may need to be replaced.

In this particular situation, we recommend you watch the accompanying tips and tech video and have your module scanned by a body shop technician before mailing your airbag module to us. After watching this video and having a body shop tech scan your module, you may discover that there is a fault in the airbag module. If that is the case, send the airbag module to our facility.Failure to follow the following instructions may result in the accidental deployment of airbag, which increases the risk of serious personal injury or death.

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Disclaimer : The buyer assumes all risks associated with removing, installing, and usage of a remanufactured part s. Select Make Select Model Select Year Never probe the electrical connectors on airbag or seat belt. Do not use electrical testing equipment to check SRS circuits unless instructed to in the service manual. For approximately 3 minutes after the cables are removed, it is still possible for the air bag and seat belt pre-tensioner to deploy.

Therefore, do not work on any SRS connectors or wires until at least 3 minutes have passed. To remove your airbag control module, follow these steps: First find the SRS computer module.

In most cars, it is under the center console that is between the two front seats, or in the center of the dash on the floor. In most GM cars, it is under the driver or passenger seat.

airbag control module location

Disconnect the positive battery cable and wait at least 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, it should be safe to unplug the airbag control module harness wiring plugs.

airbag control module location

To install your airbag control module: All airbag SRS components must be installed and connected properly before installing the airbag control module. This includes air bags, seat belts, clock spring, and impact sensors.

Disconnect the battery and bolt down the module. Then connect the harness wiring plugs. Wait at least 3 minutes before installing the airbag module in the vehicle. Bolt down module with all bolts and then connect harness plugs.

Not elevated on a jack or lift.An airbag control module is the mechanism that controls the airbag system. There are several airbags in a vehicle, some located in the front, on the sides, or on knee-level to passengers. However, there is only one SRS airbag module unit in a vehicle. The location of the airbag module differs from vehicle to vehicle depending on the make and model of it. In some vehicles, it is located in the center console, kick panel, under the radio, or behind the steering wheel.

Heavy-duty vehicles such as buses and trucks have engine control modules instead of airbag control modules. These units are often located beneath the instrument panel glove box on the front-passenger side of the vehicle.

The importance of an airbag module cannot be stressed enough. It makes the workings of the entire airbag system possible.

When a sudden stop or collision occurs, the airbag module receives information from the impact sensor that then passes on a signal to deploy the airbags. After airbag deployment, the airbag sensor is locked until it is replaced or completely reprogrammed.

Following a crash, the information stored in the airbag module in the form of hard codes and crash data can prove quite useful—and is usually admissible in court too. Everything from seat belt use, engine and vehicle speed, brake light switch position, throttle position, impact speed change, airbag deployments and seat belt pre-tensioner deployments are stored in this small unit.

What Is the Airbag Control Module and Its Replacement Cost?

Those who analyze car accidents often look at the airbag module information and find it more beneficial than other physical evidence or verbal explanation. If you yourself have been involved in an accident, refrain from buying a brand new module.

Instead, have your present unit restored to factory settings by the company Safety Restore. Skip to content Wondering where your airbag module is located in your vehicle? Previous Previous post: Will my car run without an airbag module?A Ford F's air bag control module is in the truck's Supplemental Restraint System's central computer.

What Is the Airbag Control Module and Its Replacement Cost?

The module governs all the air bags within the truck, and it also interacts with the system for signs of problems. If a problem is sensed with any of the air bags, the SRS warning light will activate on the F's dashboard. Locating the module is fairly simple; however, the SRS system is complex and most repairs should be deferred to a trained professional.

Ensure the Ford F is completely off. Pop the hood and remove the negative cable from the negative post on the F's battery. Wait five minutes, so that any remaining power within the truck drains out. This is an absolutely necessary precaution. Anytime you work in the vicinity of the dashboard or any air bag components, the SRS system must be disabled.

This will keep the air bags from accidental deployment. Open the passenger-side door and locate the right kick panel. It will be the the right side of the passenger's side leg-space. Loosen the right kick panel. Depending on the model and year of F truck, you should be able to pry it off with a trim tab or a flat head screwdriver wrapped in tape.

There may be retaining clips behind the panel. In order to avoid any damage to the panel, lever it off slowly. If you meet any signs of resistance, stop and investigate the obstruction. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us.

Step 1 Ensure the Ford F is completely off. Step 2 Open the passenger-side door and locate the right kick panel.

Step 3 Loosen the right kick panel. Remove the right kick panel. The air bag control modue will be behind it. Items you will need Taped wrapped screwdriver. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.With this safety device, drivers and passengers have the last defense against serious injury or the possibility of death that come with road accidents.

Yet, with all the technological sophistication with which airbags are madethey can only provide maximum protection. Owing to factory defects or owner misuse, airbags have been themselves the cause of injury in the past. This calls for a complete understanding of how these tools should be properly used and the mechanism with which they are designed to be operated or controlled. The mechanism being referred to is the airbag control module.

The module looks like a case of an average size of 10 sq. Normally, you would see a sticker on it with details like the manufacturer, serial number, part number, and the airbag or SRS icon. Besides the main function of monitoring the airbag system and deployment of airbags, the module also stores crash data and exchanges information with the engine of your car. Up to 8 seconds of information before the impact can be collected and stored.

The stored information can be used in legal disputes, and it is not illegal for you to download it when necessary. If you own the car, such information is yours. Permission to inspect the vehicle along with the stored information should be obtained from the authorities. Typically the airbag control module is located in the center front of the cabin of a vehicle and bolted to the floor. However, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the location of the module may be at the kick panel, under the radio or behind the steering wheel.

A faulty SRS module needs to be replaced immediately. If your module is faulty, the airbags of your vehicle may not be able to protect you and your passengers. In this case, the data in the module may have been corrupted, or the module itself is damaged, or it has been exposed to water.

Generally, the solution for such cases calls for a replacement of the unit. If the car has been involved in an accident and the bags have been deployed during that time, the airbags need to be replaced and the module reset.

This is because it can cause you a huge out-of-pocket expense.

Airbag Module Location

Often, car dealerships need to special order the airbag module, which means incurring more fees in the process. Rather, look for an affordable repair service that can save you hundreds of dollars. Usually, they do more than just repair the damaged part — they go look for the root of the problem and upgrade components if needed.

After the reset airbag control module has been done, you may want to install it yourself. Do the following:.The airbag control module is also known as the airbag sensor, diagnostic unit, computer module, and other names. They are mounted in different locations throughout the vehicle.

Some common places are under the driver and passenger seat, center console, kick panel, under radios and behind the steering column. The airbag control module is good until a deployment occurs. However most modules can be reset.

During a collision the airbag control module receives information from the impact sensor, which then, relays a signal to deploy the airbags. The airbag sensor is then locked until it is either replaced or reprogrammed.

Each vehicle can have many types of modules depending on which SRS features were equipped with the car. On start-up, the module checks the SRS system and reports any errors. More replacement airbags than anyone in the industry. Become a member and instantly find the cost of replacing your car airbags. Is your airbag light on? Ask a representative about our airbag module repair service. If you are going to be used airbag parts why not buy them from a reliable airbag expert.

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Select Model. Select Year Airbag Control Modules. Airbag Control Module: The airbag control module is also known as the airbag sensor, diagnostic unit, computer module, and other names. Airbag Control Module Types: During a collision the airbag control module receives information from the impact sensor, which then, relays a signal to deploy the airbags.

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