Bubbles tweak ios 13

Bubbles tweak ios 13

Is your iPhone or iPad jailbroken on iOS 11 or later?

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Then you are in luck as we have got some great new tweaks for you. In this tweak roundup we have featured some brand new hacks that you can download on your device and personalize the way it works. Some of these hacks even let you push the possibilities of what you can do in particular apps. You know what will make the already great stock Notes app even better? A dark mode! And that is exactly what the DarkNotes tweak does to it.

With this app you can add a dark mode to the Notes app. And that is all it does, the dark mode is added to all screens of the Notes app including the lists view. When the mode is enabled the tweak turns the background dark while the text becomes white. DarkNotes is available in Cydia for free through the BigBoss repo. It works with iOS 9 all the way up to iOS 11 or later. When a messages arrives, the tweak displays a message bubble showing the incoming message.

The screen lights up and the bubble is shown with a cool animation. From settings, you can choose the apps you want to use with the MessageBubbles tweak.

The tweak should work with any app, however the developer has tested it with Messages, WhatsApp and FB Messenger apps. One of the most annoying things about the WhatsApp is that it only allow users to send messages to phone numbers that are in their contact list.

So if you want to send a quick message to a new number you first have to add it to your iOS contacts list. With the Spotlightless 11 tweak you can completely get rid of the Spotlight screen. This tweak will get rid of Spotlight for you, disabling both the swipe down gesture and ability to get to it with right swipe gesture.

You also get to disable one gesture while keeping the other on. You can download this tweak on iOS 10 and iOS 11 for free. It works on all devices including iPhone X. Want to add some color to your iOS device?The Messages app in iOS 10 received a major overhaul. It comes with a bunch of amazing new features that makes messaging a more delightful experience. You can send stickers and screen effects, draw on photos before sending them, compose a handwritten message, play games via iMessage, and much more.

Despite all the improvements that Messages received in iOS 10, there are still a number of essential features that are missing. Fortunately, if you have jailbroken your iPhone, then you can get some of these features right now with the help of jailbreak tweaks that are available on Cydia.

This tweak allows you to schedule iMessage and SMS messages so that they will be sent out at the exact date and time that you specify. Simply schedule when a particular message should be sent and Kairos will handle the rest.

Messaging at night where the environment is dark might not be suiting to the eyes. Fortunately enough, there is a tweak called DarkMessages that solves this problem by bringing dark mode to the Messages app. It changes the interface of the Messages app to a dark scheme so that you can continue messaging with ease during the night without hurting your eyes. The tweak gets rid of the white color interface of Messages and replaces it with a darker color.

bubbles tweak ios 13

The UI elements blend together very nicely to provide a delightful experience. If you want to customize certain UI elements of the Messages app, the you should check out a tweak called BetterMessages. It provides a suit of customization tools for the iOS 10 Messages app that allow you to change the look and feel of the app. You can hide certain UI elements, view the delivery progress of a message, switch to a translucent navigation bar, customize the chat bubbles and much more.

AntiSocial is a tweak that solves this problem by allowing you to leave an iMessage group whenever you want, regardless of the number of people in the group.

New Cydia Tweaks: DarkNotes, MessageBubbles, unknownWA And More

TranslucentMessages is another customization tweak for the Messages app, but it brings a unique and interesting concept. The tweak makes your Messages app translucent such that when you are using the app, you can slightly see your wallpaper. What I like the most about this tweak is the attention to detail. The chat bubbles, navigation bar, buttons, and almost everything else has been tweaked to go hand in hand with a translucent interface.

All of us have that one friend who sometimes sends a constant stream of messages one after the another. For instance, you can set up a rule so that only one notification is displayed after every 10 seconds.

In this way, if someone sends you a stream of notifications, it will be displayed to you every 10 seconds, rather than all at once which can be extremely annoying. With this tweak, you no longer have to open the Messages app to check if your messages have been read or if someone is typing a reply.

bubbles tweak ios 13

The tweak displays this information via the Status bar, so it can be viewed from anywhere in iOS as long as the Status bar is shown. These are our favorite tweaks for the Messages app in iOS Is there any particular tweak for the Messages app that you love the most? Let us know in the comments below. Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Designed by Blog Consulting. Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Please follow this link to read the complete disclaimer.SnowBoard a lightweight spiritual successor to the legendary Winterboard theming engine. It works with iOS 7 - iOS 13 and up and supports formats from all other popular theming engines. SnowBoard is a jailbreaking essential tool available for free.

Add the official SnowBoard Repo to Cydia. SnowBoard the jailbreak iOS tweak is a powerful theming engine allowing you to change the look of your iOS 13 device.

The tweak was designed to handle all popular theming engines available for your iPhone. Change notification badge, dock labels, home screen icons, hide label dots, and more. After installing SnowBoard theming engine from SparkDev Repository a new preference pane will be added to the Settings app.

From there you can easily enable the tweak, the select theme for your iPhone, manage downloaded extensions, and configure Icon settings. Also, checkra1n jailbreak is compatible. Also, this function allows you to access the preset menu if you have it installed. Supported iOS themes can be download from Cydia repositories. There are hundreds of motives to choose from including free and paid ones. Moreover, SnowBoard tweak provides options to customize icon corner radius, change icon scale, clear alternative icons, force refresh, and legacy compatibility.

You are just a few steps from installing the iOS theming engine from Cydia Sources. Step 2. If you enjoy using SnowBoard tweak you will be happy to know that in the official repository you can find also useful extensions adding more customization to the iOS system.

To have more control over the icon layout on the home screen install a beautifully designed free jailbreak tweak HomePlus. Hide icon labels and badges, change vertical and horizontal padding, define new offset, etc. Alternatively, you can also try tweaks like Cuboid or Boxy.You can legally download these amazing jailbreak tweaks without paying a single dime.

In this highly detailed and long article we have featured a list of 90 jailbreak tweaks that are not only FREE to download but they are also fully compatible with iOS Most of these free jailbreak tweaks for iOS Before being able to download these amazing FREE Cydia tweaks make sure you jailbreak your device using unc0ver. With Anywhere! Tweak you can be anywhere at any time. With this tweak you can fake your location or become invisible.

With Apps Manager tweak you can easily manage data for App Store apps.

List Of iOS 13 Compatible Tweaks For unc0ver And checkra1n Jailbreaks

You can create app data backups, restore app backups and wipe app data. This tweak can be used to install apps from non-App Store sources with an. IPA file. It adds a new Control Center button through which you can turn off Autolock feature of your iPhone. You no longer have to swipe up on the lock screen to go home. AwesomePageDots brings animation to the home screen page dots. You can access to its charge cycle count, battery capacity, current charge and other useful information.

This tweak replaces the battery indicator icon with battery percentage of notched devices. With Bluepicker you can connect, disconnect and detect Bluetooth powered devices using the Activator tweak. Butteryfly tweak lets you personalize the color of the iOS text indicator and selection text. The call will continue to ring in the background. Cask 2 tweak adds fun table scrolling animations to iOS tables that can be seen in the Settings app.

This tweak will completely turn them off without requiring you to do this from Settings app.Now when you can Jailbreak the newest version of iOS 13 you are probably wondering what next. Discover amazing and useful tweaks that can bring new life to your device and make it more user-friendly. After you will jailbreak iOS using one of the free tools like unc0ver or Chimera it's time to add some new repositories to your favorite package manager. There are a lot of tweaks available for download, but people need help to find the gems, and this article is all about that.

Best Cydia tweaks for You can find a variety of Cydia tweaks. This included system enhancements, split-view support, dark mode, new keyboard styles with emojis and quick access buttons, better clipboard managers, new themes, widgets for home screen and lock screen, new animations, volume HUD and more.

Cydia App Store offers also access to free and paid 3rd party applications that you can find useful.

SnowBoard iOS 13 theming engine

This is a good point to introduce you to the best Cydia apps article for iOS. Find the best Cydia tweaks for iOS.

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KillX is a simple and very useful jailbreak tweak offering an option to close all apps at once from App Switcher. Swipe down from app switcher to kill all running apps using KillX tweak. You can install it from Cydia repositories for free. The tweak provides one of the cleanest alternatives to iOS' default grid switcher. This is a beautiful jailbreak tweak!

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This Tweak will save you a lot of time by disabling the Wi-Fi without the need to navigate through the Settings app. PowerModule extends the possibilities of Control Centre adding quick power access controls. Run toggles from CCModules responsible for respringing your handset, enter safe mode, power down your handset, clear UICache, reboot your device, and lock your handset.

FloatingDock can show suggested apps on the iOS dock. Specify the max number up to 5 of recent apps you wish to display on the dock and choose the maximum number from 1 to 15 of dock icons. Moreover, use custom dock color, or make the dock transparent. Carrierizer is a free iOS jailbreak tweak allowing you to change operator text, or replace it with emoticons installed in your system.

There is also an option to hide the carrier name from the bar with a switch available from app settings. To apply all changes you need to restart SpringBoard. ActionBar enhance your typing by activating some useful options on iPhone keyboard.This includes custom themes, icon designs, wallpapers and an endless list of specialized apps.

These features are all distributed through a mobile package manager known as Cydia. Cydia essentially an unofficial AppStore that allows users to find and install apps that are not authorized by Apple, enabling them to tweak the look and feel of iOS. To help you guys out, we have a lengthy but condensed list of the top 53 best Cydia Tweaks for iOS The links for the repositories are provided in the description.

SugarCane is a useful tweak that puts percentages on modules in your control center, such as for battery and volume indicators. Useful when changing the volume with the side buttons as you can get an idea of a numerical value associated with your volume level.

Grupi categorizes all of the app notifications into one. Allowing you to expand them by tapping on the icons. BatteryPercentX hides the battery icon in the top corner and simply replaces it with a percentage, giving the home screen a cleaner look.

Top 20 iOS 13 COOL FREE Jailbreak tweaks

Shuffle is an efficient app that allows you to navigate to your tweaks and Cydia apps much easier. It categorizes the tweaks, apps and system apps in the settings menu into different sections. The standard cursor when you type in iOS usually jumps after each character. The Smooth Cursor tweak gives a smooth animation as you enter characters on the screen. Nice Notes gives a dark mode version of your Notes app, giving it a sleek and clean look.


Then try out the Flame Jailbreak app. SmartLPM makes your low power mode even more efficient by turning on low power mode when your phone is plugged it. HomeGesture is a cool app that brings the iPhone X gestures to older devices. For example, now iPhone models 8 and below can use gestures such as swiping up to open multitasking, swiping from the right corner down to open control center, etc.

CleanHomeScreen should probably be one of the firs you install. It will clean your home screen, giving your icon labels a cleaner look. Perfect if you love a simplistic design. Useful as jailbroken devices tend to slow down after several app installations.

This will keep the device running smoothly and fast. In music applications such as Spotify, Artistry tweak will allow you to view the album artwork next to the songs.With the release of iOS 13, you can now set and share custom iMessage profile pictures on your iPhone.

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You can also add emoji, animoji, your camera pics etc to the profile picture but how about changing the color of the iMessage bubble on your iPhone and iPad? We will let you know the best way to change the iMessage bubble color in iOS Yes, you can easily change the bubble color in the messaging app on your iPhone and iPad both by following this below given method.

The App Store has some wonderful apps that change the way you use your iPhone or iPad. To change the bubble color in your iMessage app, you need to download an app and then make customization as per your needs. Step 1. Step 2. Tap on Get and enter the Apple ID password if it asks to. Now tap on Install to get the app on your iOS device. Step 3. Now, launch the iMessage App and create a new message. Next, scroll from right to left from messaging options below the message box and tap on Color! Step 4.

Step 5. Above the keyboard tray, you will find 4 options to choose from. Two out of those options are to change the bubble direction.

Tap on Heart icon if you want to save the text bubble for later messaging.

bubbles tweak ios 13

Step 6. If you have a paid version of the app, you can tap on the Text or Bubble icon to change the fonts, fonts size or colors and a lot more. You get blue color by default and a few stickers which are already included in the free version of the app. Do share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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bubbles tweak ios 13

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